Fully Healed Mama

Feel better than before you were pregnant

Rest deeply. Regain your energy. Feel amazing again.

Is This You?

You want to plan for an amazing postpartum recovery, but feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

You wish you could have the support of a postpartum doula, but can’t afford one.

You had a difficult postpartum experience with your last baby and want things to be different this time around.

You want to breastfeed your baby for as long as they want, but have a low milk supply.

You wish that you could be more present, but it’s hard because you are just so exhausted all the time.

You want to recover quickly, but are worried that you will just end up defeated and depleted.

After birth, a mother’s body is severely depleted by the tolls of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. Many mothers today struggle with their postpartum recovery and suffer from anxiety, insomnia, exhaustion, brain fog, low milk supply, and depression, and more. Many feel like they never fully recover and worry that they will never feel like themselves again.

Fully Healed Mama is a postpartum recovery program that will help you quickly recover from birth, while building the solid foundation of health that you’ll need to be a healthy mama for decades into the future. You can easily avoid common postpartum problems that plague many mamas today by investing in your postpartum recovery and the Fully Healed Mama program.

Once inside Fully Healed Mama, you will learn the Natural Recovery Method, the step-by-step process to fully heal from birth.


Phase 1

Reignite your internal heat that was lost from birth. Rekindle your energy, digestion, and circulation for womb healing and restful sleep.


Phase 2

Build your strength, energy and milk supply for strong vitality for both you and your baby.


Phase 3

Heal the root of your exhaustion while revitalizing your body, and the connection to yourself.


Phase 4

Retain your vital energy by gradually transitioning away from your postpartum healing routine and into your new life as a Fully Healed Mama.

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Fully Healed Mama’s postpartum recovery program isn’t an exercise program or a “heal your core” program like most postpartum recovery programs today.

You can’t feel amazing again if you are severely depleted, no matter how many exercises you do.

Inside Fully Healed Mama, Ameya’s Natural Recovery Method is a simplified step-by-step system that helps mamas be free from exhaustion and other postpartum challenges through eating a rejuvenative postpartum diet suitable for vegetarians (and those with food sensitivities), and following a postpartum care routine that will transform you from feeling depleted and exhausted into the fully healed, empowered mama that you are meant to be.

Fully Healed Mama is rooted in the traditional wisdom of Ayurveda, a holistic healing system from India that has been helping new mothers heal from birth for thousands of years. It is a complete rejuvenation program for body and mind that heals the root of your postpartum imbalances and builds a strong foundation of health that will serve you for decades into the future.


Losing excess weight while building a strong milk supply and rejuvenating your body.

Everything was running so smoothly with your mind and body, that your connection with your newborn was nothing short of amazing.

Feeling empowered and capable to manifest your own postpartum healing.

Feeling put back together, rejuvenated and strong to be the best mama you can be.

You and your partner falling into a whole new level of love with each other.

The Fully Healed Mama Program

Getting Started

  • First Steps
  • Setting the Stage for a Vital Recovery
  • Foundations for Postnatal Healing
  • Postpartum Diet Basics
  • Foods to Avoid

Rekindle: Low to Glow Formula

  • Revive Digestive Strength
    • Healing Postpartum Diet Days 1-10
    • Lactation Support
    • Essential Recipes to Rekindle
  • Restore Inner Warmth
    • Hot Water Heals
  • Support Womb Healing
    • Belly Binding
    • Womb Healing Tea
    • Castor Oil Pack
  • Cultivate Restful Sleep
    • Sleepy Time Milk Tonic
    • Nourishing the Ear Canal for Deep Sleep
    • Bedtime Sleep Ritual
  • Develop Healing Routine
    • Rekindle Daily Planner

Rebuild: Energy Strengthening Formula

  • Eat Nourishing Foods and Boost Milk Supply
    • Healing Postpartum Diet Days 11-21
    • Herbal Foods for Lactation
    • Essential Recipes to Rebuild
  • Replenish Depleted Tissues
    • 5 Minute Massage Ritual
  • Solidify Healing Routine
    • Rebuild Daily Planner

Rejuvenate: Empowering Formula

  • Eat Rejuvenating Superfoods
    • Healing Postpartum Diet Days 21-42
    • Herbal Superfood Support
    • Essential Recipes to Rejuvenate
  • Deepen Connection to Self
    • Yoga Nidra: Meditation for Mamas
  • Heal Root of Exhaustion
    • Healing Bottom Basti
  • Rejuvenative Routine
    • Rejuvenate Daily Planner

Recover: Vital Mama Formula

  • Transition Diet Carefully
  • Evolve Healing Routine


  • Bonus #1: How to Best Introduce Solids to your Baby eBook
  • Bonus #2: 6 Week Full Recovery Schedule PDF
  • Bonus #3: Private Facebook Group

What Mamas are Saying

Get Immediate Access

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Money Back Guarantee

If you have completed the entire program and have not gotten results,
I will give you a full refund.

This is a six week program. You have access to Fully Healed Mama for a full year, and will start seeing results in under a week from when you get started..

Each phase of NRM helps achieve specific results, so you will be continuing to feel better every single day that you are following the program. If you are already postpartum when you join, you will see your digestion improve, your constipation will resolve, your breastfed baby will be less fussy, lactation will increase, you will be less anxious, all within the first week of joining..If you are still pregnant when you join, you will be able to avoid these issues altogether, because you will be be taking the steps from day one and starting off on the right foot.

Yes. The videos are pre-recorded and available anytime, so you can watch and then go back and review the lessons, whenever is convenient for you. They are very short and to the point, At the end of each video, there are clear action items to accomplish with each short lesson.

Yes, there is a payment plan option for 3 monthly payments of $108 With the payment plan option, you still get the exact same access to everything in the program as you would if you paid in full.

Our exclusive Facebook group is the place where you have access to daily expert advice and support, as well as where you can meet and connect with other mamas in the program. Our private FB group is a valuable bonus but isn’t a requirement for being a part of the program.

The ideal time to join is in your 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy, so you can be prepared to enjoy this precious sacred window with your newborn to the fullest. This program is also perfect for postpartum mamas up to a year after birth.

Yes. Depending on what you may already have at home, you will most likely need to buy at least a few items. Once you join the program, you will be directed to a document called “Tools Needed to Start Strong”, which will cover a small list of the essential tools needed for your recovery, as well as other recommended items, and ingredients for your healing postpartum diet.

This program mainly uses food and spices as medicine for postpartum healing and building a solid breast milk supply. That being said, I do recommend two really safe herbs for womb healing and vitality,

An Ayurvedic vegetarian postpartum diet is recommended, which focuses on the sweet, sour and salty tastes and consists of warm, soupy, easy to digest foods with lots of healthy fats and spices. This includes grains, legumes, dairy, healthy fats and oils, vegetables, fruits and raw sugars and healthy sweets.This is not a “cleanse”, but a upbuilding, rejuvenating diet of fresh, wholesome food that will give you energy, vitality and an abundant, digestible breast milk supply.

You don’t have to be vegetarian to enjoy the healing benefits of the Fully Healed Mama program, which is much more than just diet. There are many postpartum self-care practices in the Natural Recovery Method that are essential for your postpartum healing.

The diet portion of the program is mostly vegetarian, because of the fact that meat is hard on your sensitive digestive system after birth. For those who feel they need meat in their postpartum diet, there are recommendations of how to best incorporate meat each step of the program, while still maintaining a strong digestive fire. A nourishing bone broth recipe is also included..


Yes, I do. It is an important element of postpartum womb healing.

Yes, Fully Healed Mama covers C-section healing modifications in both diet and self-care practices.

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